Survival of the Dead movie – (6.5/10) – Gory comedy not horror !

Survival of the dead 2009 movie review ” Slow-beginning gory comedy. Not what I expected”- (6.5/10)


Survival of the dead is, according to Wikipedia and Google, a 2009 American horror film. It actually is a post-apocalyptic film which has gore and comedy, in my opinion. If you want horror or fear factor, don’t watch the film and stop reading this review now …


The film setting was all natural, yet not especially scary considering the world had been almost take over by zombies. It didn’t allow cornering of zombies which was a little disappointing. For a low cost production however the outside environment did convey natural beauty and was believable for the plot.


The basey notes were effective for sinister scenes and for building up tension more spritely sounds were applied well.


The plot was not too complex, but a little difficult to decipher at times due to a multitude of sides and relations. Rivalry helped the plot, and it was kept light-hearted and amusing throughout, despite the sinister outcomes. It had plenty of gore and was good as a comedy. The effects were non-existent, and it took a significant chunk of time to get into from the start. Fortunately by the end it had redeemed itself as a lighthearted gory zombie comedy. If indeed such a thing exists. As for being what I expected or scary though, the plot didn’t help the setting recover this.


Slow to build with limited effects but lighthearted at every opportunity which most sci-fi movies don’t have. The setting seemed good for low cost, and gore was well implemented. Not what I expected, but as a gory comedy, good. Watch if you have time. Nothing spectacular.


Doomsday movie review ” Thought provoking, yet relaxing , action-packed entertainment- emotions or humour can be found elsewhere though”. – (8.5/10)

Doomsday movie review ” Thought provoking, yet relaxing , action-packed entertainment- emotions or humour can be found elsewhere though”. – (8.5/10)


Apocalyptic zombie/infection movie from 2008. Released one year prior to zombieland. Zombieland is detailed in my previous blog review. Enjoy. This film however, has twists, turns, corruption and leaves no stone unturned. The ending keeps you guessing till it arrives, and the plot won’t leave the curious mind-numbed. The ebb and flow of the action, keeps you on your toes enough at all times to concentrate for the entire 1hr 50 duration.

There was great setting the scene with clear virus and quarantine themes. The plot was more complex than zombieland but pitched on a more serious level. Action was alternated with silent calm periods well. This allowed for thoughts to be discussed well. The emotions were never heart felt though resulting in a lack of attachment to the characters. This was perhaps due to silence, and emotionless expressions dominating. The plot intensity took a while to build, yet relative to the long movie length, this felt appropriate and well considered. It was a shame that humour also seemed lacking.


The acting was highly enthusiastic and very believable with all character thoughts. The mission was not too obvious and twists and turns unravelled in a tense and exciting way throughout the bulk of the movie. There were a range of personalities. Some loud others quiet and cowardly. The range of settings and environments the characters explored, allowed their abilities to be truly tested and demonstrated. This also permitted interest throughout a rather long movie duration.

The music tension was built up well and appropriately creepy tunes were selected for certain scenes. It was only employed in action to contrast well with calmer scenes.

A well pitched apocalyptic movie with enough uncertainty to unravel in an interesting non predictable way. The film had sufficient action for it’s length and only suffered from a slight lack of humour and emotion. The build up could have been slightly quicker. Strong ending though.

Zombieland – “Sci-fi action with predictable turns” – (6/10)

Zombie land film review (6/10)


The Zombieland characters were very well played and had their own rather unique personality traits. The plot was clever in terms of maintaining viewer understanding and interest with a lot of action. It included comedy in places and a variety of scenes and personalities to enhance the viewer enjoyment.

 The issue with the plot is for one it was highly predictable, and for a second point it didn’t really have much variation once the story background was understood. This could have benefitted from a better ending and explanation of the cause of the situation shown from the start of the movie.

I would suggest a cliff hanger or better progression to a set point to enhance the film ending. The beginning sets the scene well enough for effective plot understanding however, but as the film goes on, the number of surprises begins to fall dramatically until the fizzle out ending which just isn’t punchy. Don’t let me put you off viewing though as I certainly don’t regret watching and I feel this film is worth 1 and a half hours of any Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi fans’ time.


I would recommend a watch due to the action-packed nature and modest film length to keep the film as an interesting watch as intended. It isn’t hard to predict the ending however, and their aren’t many twists once the backstory is understood.

Waddle Goose Cyder “Refreshingly free from Backstory. Natural and fruity with tang though- (7.5/10).

Waddle Goose cyder ” Refreshingly free from a backstory. Natural and fruity, with a noticeable tang though” -(7.5/10).


With a dark bottle, and bright striking white with orange pattern, you could easily be fooled by the ciders exuberant exterior. It shouts more of the Churchwards’ cider which was pretending to be something it wasn’t, than the Sxollie which attempts to be hip. This isn’t typically a negative, as packaging appropriate to it’s target audience is what every drink should aim for. Whether this is an appropriate to the drink or not.

In this case though, it doesn’t really reassure you. It’s an Aspalls cider. One of the many drinks descended from the 1728 est. factory near Debenham. A rural suffolk town. This historically has upheld various traditions. One would be to illustrate how the cider fits into it’s history, or stick to one colour per cider product showing discrete clarity. It could even be, to possess a bottle shape resembling that of a champagne-like form, most other aspalls bottles have done this since 1930. This was part of their history to create a “Special drink” like champagne itself. If you ask me it is also one of the main USP’s of Aspalls.

At first glance then, it seems rather disappointing. The bottle is shaped like that of Evian, or another dull tasting, or indistinctive product.

At £1.60 for the bottle from Waitrose, and 4.6% ABV, this means you’d have to fork out £3.20 to be just over the recommended “do not regularly exceed” limit of 3-4 units per adult man daily. This would put you at 4.6 units …

Not the cheapest then either … You do get 500ml though, which isn’t a bad capacity.

It mentions how it takes a fresh approach to Apple selection. Not using Worcester spartan or Cox, yet favouring others such as Gala and Zari. With Royal Gala being a sweet eating apple, I wondered if the cider would be nice and sweet.
Mouth-wateringly crisp and flavoursome were 2 of the traits said to be apparent on the blurb. There is nothing else though, except the announcement of ” refreshment deserves a refresh”.

Why not improve and develop rather than overhaul to refresh with a new product though. The history, bottle shape and light flavour is what made aspalls unique in my mind. This didn’t mention any of that. The motto then seems to be forget and move on , rather than refresh, which I didn’t yet, having not tasted the drink, agree with.

We shall see …



The smell was natural and not synthetic. Not especially potent however, and quite ephemeral. I would suggest that it is a product which hasn’t the addition of unnecessary chemicals though. It quickly fades away, and not much of a fizzy head emerges, suggesting light carbonation. Not an unpleasant smell though, which entices you in to the first sip.


On first sip, the limited carbonation is clear. The fruitiness is also present in the flavour. It is a pleasant, slightly sharp, appley flavour which goes quickly, and leaves your mouth feeling rough. There is no bitter aftertaste and no real aftertaste at all. It does leave a strong crater of dryness however. The flavour doesn’t seem especially complex, and isn’t overly warming. It is pleasant though, almost resembling a refreshing green eating apple.

This is by far the best thing about the drink…

The pleasant flavour, complemented by refreshing tang from the apples perfect level of acidity. Except for dryness though, there isn’t much to get excited about. The complexity and backstory of some ciders make them stand out. I want a story about nature, or an orchard, and then could possibly get more excited about this.

The element of sweetness is disguised by the natural Appley flavour, which does develop well through drinking. I feel the lack of noticeable sweetness is not much of an issue therefore. The flavour doesn’t have an aftertaste and dies fairly quickly which is a shame though. A little more carbonation may have helped this.



A pleasant dry cider which isn’t described in any way on the packaging. The drink is subtle and pleasant yet nothing too spectacular. Light carbonation, yet fading away quickly along with the enjoyment.

Creep movie ” Creepy, cunning, but consistent”. (7/10)

Creep review ” Creepy, Cunning yet fairly constant” (7/10)

The movie starts in a comforting setting, confusing you as to what is to come. Setting s are ideal throughout, to provide a real heir of tension.
The music is catchy and rhythmic with a creepy undertone. The characters are well played and the movie benefits from a relatable location, with normality as a baseline.
It cleverly builds tension with relationships emphasised at times, yet doesn’t let you know enough about the main characters in my opinion.

The film leaves space for a sequel with certain unanswered questions. The tension building whilst good, would benefit from additional special effects.
In my mind, after the tension is cut, it is never truly reestablished. The scares become repetitive and predictable without any variation except precise location. Whilst you’re encouraged to continue watching out of curiosity, this isn’t out of fear.

Darkness needs to adopt more forms to provide a more satisfying film.
The plot is good though as it is well considered. It makes logical sense and is not overextended, with a fairly minimal film duration.

With limited characters, and some considerable pauses between dramatic events, the film reaches a level and stays there. It would be great to see something more imaginative than the expected. That said worth a watch and a good movie with some level of uniqueness.

The Descent – Good storyline, tense at times, with okay acting (8/10)

The Descent 2005 review ” Good storyline, tense at times with okay acting”. (8/10)

Quite a pathetic beginning, with a lot of unnecessary details. The main concept was set out clearly though which helped the sense of adventure. It was a long while before the horror seemed to truly build, yet tension was met early on cleverly at a lower level.
The sort of film which only gets better as time goes on.

The lack of music and diverse range of gore, horror and despair worked well to keep the viewer entertained throughout the adventure. Relationships played a key part of the outcome and the film did well in bringing out personalities, and how they differed in traumatic moments.

The film gives you a sense of context aswell throughout, keeping you aware of the significance of what is going on. The title is good and reflects enough to describe the themes of the movie, without spoiling the plot.

I would have liked a little more music in tense moments and some modern effects in places as well. Cliff hangers were given which provided the opportunity for a sequel. I wouldn’t rule out watching it based on this film.

While in the opening the acting was a little overplayed, the expressions did get better throughout. The film could have given more tension, and became scarier with better acting.

Overall the movie storyline was good, the acting wasn’t great, but the tension was built well, with clever use of the camera and setting. I would recommend certainly for those into adventure horror as it is one of the better ones I’ve seen. For those looking for a truly epic film though, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Room 33 movie ” Dull title, slowly built tension to a good climax” -(7.5/10).

Room 33 film review – (7.5/10) “Slowly building to good tension using expressions and the camera”.

Room 33 has an excellent upbeat opening with nature and sets the scene for a real adventure. You might ask what could possibly wrong and you end up thinking, what couldn’t. As turmoil begins, the film rumbles on and doesn’t really have many tension building effects. It is the acting that makes it well worth a watch in the end.

The characters are played very well and actors formulate their personalities individually , to help you get to know the characters. This is vital in any horror so that you feel a sense of loss without them.
The plot has enough mystery to keep you engaged. It isn’t just a case of a psycho on the loose. Far from it in fact. The tale has history and needs the full film duration to truly understand what is going on.

The film consistently does camera angle well. The camera homes in on precisely where facial expressions or events are happening. The setting is nice and confined, keeping tension reasonable throughout. Not your typical horror film and a nice surprise. Definitely an adventure horror if such a thing exists.

I have to say it is worth a watch and you won’t be disappointed. It does enough to build tension, and has a good storyline. For a good horror film I don’t think anything else is necessary. A good film with a dull title.

The Glass house movie – (8/10) ” Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”.

The Glass house movie review (8/10) “Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”.

The Glass house challenges the idea that individuals always want to assist those in need of help. It comes with multiple surprises and settings, and an action packed storyline.
The constant theme throughout is almost like dark action. It is certainly not a horror, but does earn it’s reputation well as a thriller.

The characters are well played with the multitude of emotions, actions and health states they experience. It takes some real skill to act with this level of diversity.

Clearly, the casting team did a good job. As for the movie itself, not bad at all. Being in the haunted house genre, I was expecting a horror though, which I didn’t get. If horror was to emerge in the already action packed house, it would have made the interesting storyline great, and enhance the sinister vibes already present.

The music worked well throughout, with dramatic sounds used to emphasise particularly shocking events. These crescendo cues, were not worn out however, so the film worked well to raise tension.

Aswell as the darkness, the initial expectation of forthcoming positivity, helps the contrast. The setting is far from what you’d expect and darkness is not only restricted to the night. This is quite rare in horror films.

With themes of broken relationships, attraction, abuse, bereavement, empathy and sibling love, the film provides enough emotional variety to really get, and keep the viewer engaged. No short change is present in the movie. With some better special effects and fright techniques though, this could be raised to a truly chilling level.

As it stands currently it is still a striking, varied and engaging thriller, with darker undertones throughout. The storyline is not idiotproofed, yet isn’t rocket science either, so suits me well.

I am tempted to watch again and would recommend as a thriller. I give it 8.5/10 as a thriller since it’s a little long for a truly outstanding movie. Unfortunately though, I can only give it a 7/10 as a horror, since the effects and tension weren’t sufficient.

The Autopsy of Jane doe horror (8.5/10)- ” Very chilling”.

The autopsy of Jane Doe review (8.5/10)

After watching a pretty mediocre horror film at best, this is what the doctor ordered. A range of clever techniques are used throughout the film to build up tension and lead to the fear factor from any surprises along the way.

The setting of the film keeps things intimate and allows real emotion to be conveyed. I am not saying this isn’t also down to some great acting though. The character movements are paired well with the atmospheric mood and facial expressions.

The movie had me on the edge of my seat for most of the second part. I’d thoroughly recommend for it’s non traditional storyline and fear factor. Camera angles are also used well.

Home ( Pixar) movie quiz – Continue the discovery.


Home ( The movie) Level 2 – ( The best Pixar course)

Imagine many creatures from different planets coming together to fight and work together. All aiming to complete a mission in exciting 3D animation.

Transport yourself into a world of discovery by watching the film. After the film feel a sense of loss as if something has ended that you were enjoying which is never to be as interesting and fun to watch again.

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