The Glass house movie – (8/10) ” Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”.

The Glass house movie review (8/10) “Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”.

The Glass house challenges the idea that individuals always want to assist those in need of help. It comes with multiple surprises and settings, and an action packed storyline.
The constant theme throughout is almost like dark action. It is certainly not a horror, but does earn it’s reputation well as a thriller.

The characters are well played with the multitude of emotions, actions and health states they experience. It takes some real skill to act with this level of diversity.

Clearly, the casting team did a good job. As for the movie itself, not bad at all. Being in the haunted house genre, I was expecting a horror though, which I didn’t get. If horror was to emerge in the already action packed house, it would have made the interesting storyline great, and enhance the sinister vibes already present.

The music worked well throughout, with dramatic sounds used to emphasise particularly shocking events. These crescendo cues, were not worn out however, so the film worked well to raise tension.

Aswell as the darkness, the initial expectation of forthcoming positivity, helps the contrast. The setting is far from what you’d expect and darkness is not only restricted to the night. This is quite rare in horror films.

With themes of broken relationships, attraction, abuse, bereavement, empathy and sibling love, the film provides enough emotional variety to really get, and keep the viewer engaged. No short change is present in the movie. With some better special effects and fright techniques though, this could be raised to a truly chilling level.

As it stands currently it is still a striking, varied and engaging thriller, with darker undertones throughout. The storyline is not idiotproofed, yet isn’t rocket science either, so suits me well.

I am tempted to watch again and would recommend as a thriller. I give it 8.5/10 as a thriller since it’s a little long for a truly outstanding movie. Unfortunately though, I can only give it a 7/10 as a horror, since the effects and tension weren’t sufficient.


The Autopsy of Jane doe horror (8.5/10)- ” Very chilling”.

The autopsy of Jane Doe review (8.5/10)

After watching a pretty mediocre horror film at best, this is what the doctor ordered. A range of clever techniques are used throughout the film to build up tension and lead to the fear factor from any surprises along the way.

The setting of the film keeps things intimate and allows real emotion to be conveyed. I am not saying this isn’t also down to some great acting though. The character movements are paired well with the atmospheric mood and facial expressions.

The movie had me on the edge of my seat for most of the second part. I’d thoroughly recommend for it’s non traditional storyline and fear factor. Camera angles are also used well.

Home ( Pixar) movie quiz – Continue the discovery.


Home ( The movie) Level 2 – ( The best Pixar course)

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The Dolby Hotel, Liverpool – (Room 203) 6.5/10 “Epic power shower in a cupboard”.

The Dolby hotel review ( Room 203) (6.5/10) – “Epic power shower in a cupboard”.

” Central location”.
” Quick food and drink service”.
“Good TV picture quality”.
” Good WIFI speed and polite room cleaners”.
” Shareable Lotus tea biscuits”.
” Epic true power shower”.

” Plastic spoons for tea stirring”.
” Cupboard sized bathroom “.
” Only 2 teabags”.
” Exploding teabags”.
” Only 2 plug sockets”.
” Couldn’t find the WIFI password”.


As a waterfront hotel, the Dolby was only a short walk from the train stations and the university. It’s location beside a busy road, resulted in some considerable noise. The view from the window whilst a little industrial, was not blocked by any inanimate objects. The bar downstairs was peaceful and easy to relax in with comfy leather sofas. The split between bar seating and dining space was open plan making things seem more spacious.

Overall seating was a little lacking however, since extra chairs had to be borrowed for socialising, from other tables. It was good to have a bar that was open till 1am however, rather than the typical early shut time of many hotels such as Manchester BW hallmark which regularly closes at just 10pm.

Corridors were sufficiently wide and not pokey like the Afton of Eastbourne. Also there was no pungent smell of cigarette smoke also experienced there. Always a bonus…

Tea provisions

It was good to have the full range of sweetening options, aswell as an equal number of each. These included 2 sweeteners, Demerara sugars and white sugar sachets. The counts were far more unequal in the Days inn, Peterborough and the Afton. Good here therefore …

Unlike in the Afton, coffee had a decaffeinated option which was appropriate to appease the taste of many guests. With 4 caffeinated coffees and 2 decaffeinated, the ratio, whilst not totally 50:50, seemed irrelevant considering the variety of options offered here. The total coffee count was marginally better than the Afton, whilst coffee to tea ratio was a little inferior. The numbers were not equal here unlike at the Afton, which possessed 4 of each.

The total sweetening count of 6, was dramatically less than the 15 present in the Afton. 15 works out more per cup of tea for the Afton than that provided in the Dolby also. This makes the difference more poignant and this therefore should be rectified.

Whilst there were sweeteners supplied here and not just sugar, unlike in the Afton, the lack of overall sweetening product counts made things appear more basic here.
Why 4 milk tubs were necessary for just 2 cups of tea was a little beyond me also.

2 small biscuits were supplied in separate packets which alleviated much of the heartbreak of (roommate tea biscuit sharing) conflicts. This was better than the single Golden oat crumble pack present in the Days inn, Peterborough. The taste was also pleasant and not too sickly.

I didn’t approve of the 2 plastic spoons provided however, since these felt rather flimsy .Why not get metal cutlery ?

With Just 2 PG tips tea sachets, this was half of the 4 present in the Afton which has the same star rating. Clearly this number was a bit disappointing therefore, and quickly ran out for just one guest, let alone the 2 that were staying. This meant I had to ask for more from the room service trolley, which was an inconvenience. Making matters worse, the teabags were not of the best quality, and one of them burst during gentle stirring. This left a nest of leaves at the base of my mug. Not ideal. These were not Yorkshire, although they could have been for this price. This was the case in Peterborough, which was virtually identical on cost.

The mugs provided that those pesky leaves settled in, were of unremarkable size, yet not too tiny.

The kettle was in a practical location by the switch. This was much better than it being restricted to a hospitality drawer, like in Peterborough.

The 1 litre capacity was rather average, yet not the smallest I had experienced, since this was a puny 0.6 litres. It did seem inferior however, to Peterborough which had the potential to hold 1.7 litres for the same room price.

Washing and cleaning

The shower was easy and quiet to adjust in pressure, and had great maximum jet power. This was far better than the creaky adjuster of Holiday inn, Hemel Hempstead and the feeble pressure of the Afton. The temperature responded quickly to twisting also, although could have benefitted from a scale with actual temperatures rather than designated numbers. The shower head height was more than adequate, and was directly over the cubical. This prevented the mandatory backwards leaning of Park plaza, Nottingham.

The adjustment of temperature and pressure was only via a single lever however, which made adjustment a little more challenging than in the Afton. This was only a minor inconvenience however, and at least it didn’t creak or squeak. It was constructed of shiny metal rather than tacky plastics, which was also nice.
In the shower, there was nowhere to place the provided shampoo sachets though. Whilst I did appreciate the generously portioned liquid soap dispenser, this was not adequate for hair washing. I did crave a little shampoo shelf as a result, since placing this on the floor was rather impractical.

The shower head angle was not fixed so could be adjusted which again was great. This was hardly necessary, although the shower curtain did have a tendency to leak into the bathroom due to thin material. This meant angling away from the curtain may well have helped.

After learning the lesson of wet socks, I realised that I had to store my clothes on the sink to guarantee post-shower dryness. Partly due to leaking, but also due to the lack of dry changing space, in the cupboard sized bathroom. It only stands to reason that no bath was present here, as I am sure it wouldn’t have fit anyway.

This minute level of space did prove a real challenge in preventing undergarments ending up on, or in, the toilet.

The lid definitely wasn’t for display purposes only …

The red and white bathroom colour scheme appeared a bit strange here, as I feel blue would have befitted the maritime theme more appropriately.

Fortunately, a sufficient count of 4 towels were provided for the 2 guests. This was streamline, yet sufficient and the same provisions as the Afton. The doorlock worked aswell which is surprisingly uncommon. Hotels such as the Copthorne, Sheffield didn’t have this luxury.

In addition to the generously sized soap dispenser and small shampoo sachets, soap and a shower cap were also supplied. Whilst no moisturisers were provided, unlike in Double tree by Hilton, Swindon, this was a far lower price point and these are not strictly necessary.

The presence of 2 accessible toilet rolls was handy, unlike the trapped rolls of the Copthorne, Sheffield.

In summary you could have been in a motorhome bathroom, This isn’t the epitome of quality or practicality. The shower did work well though.

Chilling in your room

The WIFI speed was reasonable and it connected quickly, with a password. The Password was not straight forward to find, but the receptionist was helpful when informing me of this. At least it was better than having no in-room WIFI as was the case in the Afton. It also didn’t require everyday renewal as was the case in the pricier Copthorne hotel, Sheffield.

Only 5 wooden hangers were supplied. Half of The Beautiful south, Perfect 10 and much less than the 11 of the Afton. This was a rather meagre count. These hangers were also located to the left of the bed closest to the window, resulting in an impractical location for one of the guests. Clambering around another guests bed to hang up clothes and get dressed after the shower is not ideal.

The lighting was good however, since the 4 spotlights present worked well, and were bright enough. Operation of these was refreshingly simple without the mind torment of a maze of higgledy piggledy light switches in no logical order or location. Such was the awkwardness of the Angel, Cardiff.

While many hotels do have the space to accommodate a couple of comfy armchairs, the small size of this room, made one chair seem appropriate. It was a shame that this wasn’t padded in any way. It wasn’t especially comfortable either, due to it’s wooden material. At least a cushion was supplied on the beds, to improve chair comfort levels.

Typically a cushion and a pillow isn’t my ideal made bed, so it would have been nice to have the cushion placed on the seat, rather than the bed, in the first place. I admit I am being picky in this respect though. I slept very well which I am sure wasn’t totally down to complete exhaustion. This meant the beds must have been quite comfy.

Although the wall-mounted TV was rather small, it’s position and crisp picture quality certainly helped compensate for this. Relative to the small room size, there wasn’t much need for anything significantly larger.

No intermittency was suffered unlike in the Roundhouse, Bournemouth. Overall not a bad TV therefore.

The bedroom wasn’t a hall of mirrors …

So yeah, there wasn’t much in terms of mirrors. Although one full height mirror adjacent to the door and a half height in the bathroom, wasn’t a bad setup idea. I didn’t appreciate the full height mirror being full height for a hobbit or dwarf however, since my frame could not be fully viewed.

Not really full height then ….

While this setup was similar in the Afton, the mirror was full height there.

Only 2 simply spottable plug sockets were present in the room. This appeared a very low count of just half of the Aftons’. Good job phone, razor and iPad charging, didn’t conflict between me and my roommate.

A hairdryer was present and it was good to see that this wasn’t locked away in a drawer unlike in places such as Peterborough.


With a price around £40 for a 2 star hotel, this seemed great value for my stay, and was £10 cheaper than the Afton with the same rating. Due to the lack of issues, at this price point, I was pleasantly surprised. Also, the price of food appeared very competitive, with a tasty jacket potato and side salad only costing £5. Bottled cider at £3.75 was also reasonable compared to £4 at the Afton.

Customer service

Hotel checkin shouldn’t have required both parties to be present. Not an ideal system when there is a queue of guests behind you. Service at the bar was carried out efficiently, although staff did not seem overly enthusiastic or warm in personality. A bit of a shame considering the service was very good. I didn’t have to wait long for my food and drink, since these were served quickly. The room service was carried out religiously everyday, and the lady was highly considerate when I was still in my room at the time of service. This made me feel pleased and valued as a guest, with my preferences respected.


A mostly efficient and polite service with no real issues. The food and drink service was very efficient. Setting, location and cleanliness of the hotel was also very good. The beds were comfy, and I slept well.

The Majestic hotel, Harrogate review (Room 205) (6/10) -” Quite unprofessional staff, no luxury touches, good setting, but you pay for it”.

The Majestic hotel, Harrogate review (Room 205) (6/10) ” Quite unprofessional staff, no luxury touches, good setting, but you pay for it”.


” Central location”.
” Consistent WIFI”.
” Gym, steam room and bar present”.
” 2 keycards for room issued”.


“Short extension lead on kettle base”.
“Squeaky shower pressure adjuster”.
” Room smelt of damp – extractor fan issue ? “.
” Lack of bathroom provisions”.
” Tetley in the home of Yorkshire tea ???”.
” Expensive for the service provided”.
” No special luxury touches or extras”.


Reception area was fairly small. It was difficult to locate the lifts and bars since they were tucked away around corners. Double tree by Hilton Swindon had no such issues with a more open plan layout providing greater reception appeal.

No keycard was required for the rooms’ power activation unlike in Swindon. I didn’t like the blank design of the keycard however as it felt a little boring. This could have used a design or the hotel logo to increase it’s aesthetic appeal. This wore out after just one day as well which was disappointing.

There was a Long-winded checkin process since the receptionist couldn’t locate my name. I suggested the time and name of my room mate that I knew had checked in earlier that day yet it still took a significant length of time. He insisted on several occasions that my name wasn’t on the system. After several times he finally noticed my name and apologised before issuing me with my keycard. This was quite unprofessional unlike his formal attire, and dampened the experience from the word go.

The central location was very useful though, with just a 10 minute walk to the train station. It was also easy to access the local shops and eateries such as McDonald’s.
There was quirky decor throughout the hotel providing it’s character.

There was a pleasant looking bar and gym with steam room facilities. This kept things on par with Double Tree by Hilton, Swindon. The noise level in the room was low which was refreshing after the automobile symphony of the Hogs back hotel.

Tea provisions

2 ginger flavour tea biscuits were provided which didn’t quite live up to the chocolate cookie and Kitkat of Swindon. It did however alleviate sharing issues such as those suffered in the Hogs back hotel of Farnham, Surrey.

In addition to the 5 sweetener sachets and there were 4 brown sugar sachets which was on par with Swindon. There were also 4 white sugar sachets which is 2 more than Swindon. The count of brown and white sugar was also equal unlike in Swindon, which is a major plus. The total count for sweetening of 13, was also better than Swindon.

The 1 litre kettle capacity was quite average. The dial being present outside the vessel was preferable to inside however. This could have done with being a little larger though, especially considering the generous mug sizes. There were 2 of these large mugs though which was good. It was also nice to have reasonable capacity.
There were 4 caffeinated and 4 decaffeinated coffee sachets resulting in 8 coffee sachets in total. This was 2 more than the number of tea sachets supplied. I was not in favour of this slight but noticeable bias though. It was a shame to not have equal numbers of coffee and tea since this has been the case in far cheaper hotels such as the Angel of Cardiff.

There were 4 Tetley tea and 2 Yorkshire teas from Harrogate. Why they were not all Yorkshire breakfast rather than an inferior brand I was not quite sure. Especially considering harrogate is where Yorkshire tea is made. There were also no fruity flavours as were present in Swindon. Some extra tea flavours such as Earl grey or Chamomile would have also improved the selection.

6 whole milk UHT tubs were supplied which felt like the correct number for that many cups of tea.
There were 2 silver teaspoons of large size which were well married with mug sizes.
The location of the tea provisions however, was poor. They were all hidden away in the cupboard, which meant both the tea provisions and kettle were a distance from the plug sockets which was quite impractical. It also meant you had to move everything out onto the desk to use. The kettle had an extremely short base lead aswell which meant it had to be perched on the edge of the desk and made it tricky to plugin.
Whilst the tea provisions were replaced daily, they were not replaced identically since no sweeteners were supplied for the second day.


The breakfast room was quite civilised, possessing well set tables ready for drinks and plates. The coffee and tea could be ordered when staff approached the table which they did early on in the service.

The coffee and tea was hard to distinguish however, since both were served in unlabelled silver jugs. I therefore accidentally poured myself 2 unwanted cups of coffee.

The cooked breakfast selection was good. Complete with mushrooms, cooked tomato, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, fried eggs, sausages and black pudding. There was also the more continental option of toast and jam.

The plates used were of large size which was sufficient for the works of a full English. Having the cutlery pre-setout made life easier also. At a glance then, dining in a clearly traditional and grand room of large proportion, appeared superficially, rather ostentatious.

After queueing up for a long time however, I was too hungry to actually take much of this in. Then there was the quality of the food and drink itself. On lifting the lid on the coffee and tea jugs, the teabags were left in to infuse the tea, yet weren’t even separated from each other. One of my neighbours got provided with a 50:50 milk/tea concoction which he found did not appease his unpicky palette. Worse still, the mugs supplied were very small, resulting in difficulty picking up and in lack of enjoyment. Clearly low capacity was a slight issue. There were no takeout cups which were supplied in Holiday inn express, Birmingham or paper bags for breakfast. I feel a trick was missed there.

The breakfast trays were mostly full enough, although on both mornings there were no hash browns on my approach. All of the food was of low temperature so the trays clearly were not heated. The sauces were provided via a ladle and bowls following the service line. There was plenty of these, and the selection included HP and tomato sauce which was good.

The fried eggs were as slippery as a jellied eel, so were tricky to pickup and had the texture of jelly which was quite disgusting. The mushrooms were also very greasy, and had no real flavour. The hash browns were rather nice with some lumpy potato inside ,so not totally smooth. This is my preferred texture for hash browns. The baked outside rather than deep fried, helped keep these healthy, which was also good. The bacon had plenty of uncrispy lard around the edge which was slimy and tasteless, yet it was still succulent and not overcooked. It had no real flavour though.

The sausages and black pudding in my opinion were the best 2 items. Like the rest of the food they were both cold, although the sausage was in no way greasy. It also had no gristle and a smooth texture. The flavour was good aswell with a reasonable taste from the cooking juices. The black pudding was tasty and rather standard. It could have just been taken out of a packet though. I think my enjoyment of black pudding in general probably overshadowed my better judgement therefore.

The aftermath of a large full English before checkout made me feel rather sick throughout the day. This suggests that something was not properly cooked or heated and may be a result of leaving food to get cold on the trays.


Washing and cleaning

What was rather disappointing was the presence of just 2 bottles of cleaning product. These included one hair and body shampoo and one bath or shower gel. Many of the more expensive hotels have at least 4 products including conditioner and body lotion, as was the case in the Double tree of Lincoln. Some moisturiser or body lotion would have also been nice for face washing.

These products were not replaced consistently either, meaning I could not wash my hair on the second day of my stay. This was quite disappointing.

The presence of a shower cap was useful, although not required on this occasion, and the soap in a box was good for hygiene. The in-box provision showed it had not been used previously, and was of reputable brand.

There were 2 accessible toilet rolls. These weren’t hemmed in, as was the case at the Sheffield Copthorne hotel. These were also quilted, giving the feel of luxury. The 2 large towels on a heated towel rail, when combined with one floor towel, appeared sufficient for drying 2 guests. A spare may have been appreciated though. The heated rail helped buffer this issue however by quickly drying the towel for subsequent uses.

The main issue with the room was the smell of damp. This caused me some respiratory issues during my degree, after prolonged exposure. It can be simply resolved through fitting an effective extractor fan. This had also been encountered in the Roundhouse at Bournemouth, but that was far cheaper so there is no real excuse here.

2 large litter bins were apparent. These were of superior size to most hotels. There was a traditional bathroom door bolt system which worked well.
The shower had good pressure and temperature but was only just warm. Simple to adjust though. It was at the point of quite nice, yet not the guilty pleasure temperature which tempts you to remain for finger wrinkling.

There was also a bath which was operated with separate controls. This made operation of both the shower and bath simpler to negotiate. It was a shame that the shower knob made a noise on adjustment, as this felt a little budget. It was much the same as Hemel Hempstead, holiday inn which was over 20 pounds cheaper.

Chilling in your room

The TV was of average size which wasn’t overwhelming, unlike the huge TV of Park plaza, Nottingham and it had a reliable signal with crisp picture quality. This was far superior to the small and less crisp TV of Days inn, Peterborough.

Plug sockets were lacking with only 2 easily noticeable. This was 3 less than Double tree by Hilton, Swindon. There was also not one located near the kettle. This restricted tea making to the realms of impracticality requiring considerable movement to setup a cup of tea. Many of the cheaper hotels such as Holiday inn express of Birmingham had their plug sockets close by and outside cupboards which helps accessibility and use.

7 wooden hangers were present which seemed a strong count, although park plaza, Nottingham had 16 which were also wooden. This was clearly a better number. It isn’t quite perfect as a count of 10 though since for a short stay you don’t generally need 8 items each hung up.
An Iron, ironing board, trouser press and hairdryer were all present, albeit not the most obviously situated. This was a practical array of items however.
There was no noticeable safe, which is rare for a hotel at this price point. Whilst I did not require the use of this, I felt it should have been present.

For the first time in a while, the beds had padded backrests 🙂 🙂 This is not the case in
lots of hotels such as the Swindons’ Double tree.

The room was spacious and had 3 chairs for relaxing. The most comfortable was strategically placed by the desk, with the other 2 facing the TV. They had a firmer setup for more upright seating. I felt this was good, since I enjoy sitting with a rather upright stance for posture. I do understand though, that for some guests, this may have benefitted from a cushion.

The mirrors were of large size, with one of half height in the bathroom, one of half height in the main room, and a full height mirror on the side of the wardrobe. This was sufficient for reflection, whilst not mind blowing.
Drawers were small for storage, yet numerous. Under TV storage was good, although I couldn’t understand why this was being used for tea !!

WIFI connected automatically with no login information. This was much better than in the Roundhouse, Bournemouth where the password was only available from reception. It was also preferable to the moderately efficient checkbox, of Holiday inn express , holiday street, Birmingham. WIFI speed seemed consistent, and enabled program downloads with no issues. Far superior then, to the ultra slow WIFI of the Peterborough Days inn which struggled with Rick Stein.

The bed was very comfortable and was not too firm. The covers and room were not sweaty or overly hot despite the heated towel rail, and the bed was made well on room service. It was however, made with 2 rather than 1 pillow, which wasn’t my preference. Due to good comfort levels and that just being my personal opinion, this didn’t seem like a problem though.


At a touch over £100 per night, the hotel was the most expensive I have stayed at. With the inclusion of a full breakfast though this didn’t seem too dissimilar from the Double tree by Hilton of Swindon, which was £82 excluding breakfast.

In Swindon there was Apple cider like in most hotels, the majestic hotel had no cider in stock though. This dampened the mood in the bar, since me and a friend couldn’t then purchase their drink of choice. This should be improved, especially considering the high price of the stay. In Swindon there was Apple cider at £3.60 a pint, yet even the Diet Coke was £3.15 which wasn’t far off this.

For the product therefore, I feel the value was reasonable, if a little mediocre.

Customer service

It was good to not be encouraged to sign up for an optional deposit on checkin. This was the case in the Double tree by Hilton of Lincoln.
Staff were polite on checkin, yet rather slow and inefficient due to issues in finding my name. Despite an apology, this did use up a good 10 minutes of my life.

At breakfast, the staff seemed to struggle with directing guests to tables of an appropriate size, resulting in considerable queue length accumulation. On the second day, we were told a table that our friends were sitting at was taken. Clearly we were happy to sit with them. It all felt a little inefficient.


Desirable location, setting and atmosphere yet underwhelming service and products provided. Clearly some issues with the room and staff professionalism.

Nottingham Park plaza (Room 104) – 6/10 ” Uninspiring quotes and dreary decor/customer service”.

Nottingham park plaza hotel review -Room 104 (6.0/10) ” Uninspiring quotes and dreary decor/customer service”.


“Central location close to train station”.
” Mini bar hidden out of temptations way”.
” Your own glasses to use”.
” Godzilla sized TV”.


” Twin beds touching with limited space where positioned”.
” Gimmicky writing on mirror, beside TV”.
” Creaky shower-head adjuster knob”.
” No view from window”.
“Can’t adjust shower pressure”.
“Only 1 full size spare towel”.


With just a 12-minute walk from Nottingham train station, the hotel was easy to access and the location was very central. It was also close to historical buildings such as Nottingham castle. A magnificent castle perched upon the UK’s largest man made cave system which is impressively carved out of sandstone. For practicality, the journey to the hotel was far easier than trudging miles uphill to the hostels on Mansfield road. One of which I had stayed at previously.

On approach, the hotel appeared modern on the ground floor yet above this were some traditional uniform flats resembling that of a quick development. The reception area was rather spacious however, with shabby sheik decor; Items trying to show off but clearly budget in quality. The lift was large and spacious with very bright lighting which was also slightly lairy. It was good to have 4 lifts in operation to help reduce wait time. Once the room was reached it didn’t disappoint, and was easy to locate following a scuttle past the room service trolley.

The room atmosphere was a little plain and there was not really much of a view from the window… If at all, with a building outline in a foggy translucent effect dominating the glass pane. The package that was included did compensate for this dullness considerably however.

Tea provisions

Firstly looking at the Kettle …

With a 1 litre kettle capacity and no unnecessary hospitality drawer, the tea making was nicely accessible. It was also already plugged in and turned on, with the dial tactically placed outside the vessel. The best place for it in my view. Whilst this Kettle capacity was far smaller than the 1.7 litres of the Peterborough Days inn, It was much bigger than the smallest experienced in Birmingham Holiday Inn Express, at just 0.6 litres.

With 2 sweetener sachets accompanied by 4 white and brown sugar sachets there was sufficient sweetening capability for 10 cups of tea. Since tea provisions were not replaced standardly however, this felt difficult to rely upon. With 6 teabags this sweetening count did not seem totally sufficient either. The 8 semi-skimmed milk sachets seemed rather excessive especially when the fairly small mug sizes were considered.

Whilst the 2 mugs provided were labelled Royal Doulton, this porcelain label did not increase their practicality. It did enhance the impression of quality however. Whilst it was good to have 2 mugs between the 2 of us staying there, unfortunately only 1 teaspoon was supplied which was a little unfortunate. If one guest had a preference for coffee for example, this couldn’t then be used for tea without contaminating the flavour. A slight letdown therefore, and 2 would have been preferable.

It was good to have a selection of tea flavours however, unlike the Peterborough Days Inn which just yielded Yorkshire.
There were 4 English breakfast Twining’s, 1 Cranberry and Raspberry with 1 Pure peppermint Twining’s. Whilst I didn’t try the Cranberry and Raspberry, the peppermint was rather refreshing and it was good to have this range of options available.

After this tea quickly and unfortunately got drunk, at reception, I felt slightly awkward asking for more however, on multiple occasions, since staff didn’t appear overly happy to supply extra. This was quite uncomfortable.

There were 2 decaffeinated and 2 caffeinated original sachets. This shouldn’t have been less than numbers of supplied tea sachets however.

2 packets of calorie-labelled tea biscuits were supplied on Day one, with a ” Fruit Shrewsbury” and “Ginger biscuit” packet that both contained 2 biscuits. No sharing issues were therefore encountered. The biscuits were pleasant in flavour without the excessive sweetness from Border biscuits often supplied from Days inn chain hotels.
It was a shame that these weren’t replaced by room service.

All the tea provisions were very neatly laid out, especially once the large quantity was considered.

Due to the lack of replacements, room service inconsistency appeared to be the main let down with tea provisions provided therefore. A shame, when the good variety and quantity is considered.


Washing and cleaning

4 confidently-sized Elemis products were displayed neatly including hand and body lotion, conditioner, shampoo and bath and shower gel. They were accompanied by a bar of soap. These were all far more favourable in size than Double trees’, and clearly available on a cheaper stay. This was all very positive therefore.

With 2 full-size body towels and 3 smaller hand towels, the drying facilities seemed fairly limited. The room had a hairdryer though, which was good. Situated beside an ironing board and iron… Also good. As you’d expect this was accompanied by a safe as is the case in Double trees. Again… Good.

The shower operated with 2 knobs. The upper knob was for nozzle selection control between one fixed large shower head, one smaller flexible one and a bath tap. The lower knob was for temperature adjustment. Unfortunately the top knob did creak a little. There was also a bath below to cater for all types of guests with textured floor tiles for safety. There was no knob for pressure adjustment available however. The close proximity of the larger head near the wall and lack of head height attachment for the smaller shower head meant a rather awkward and uncomfortable showering posture had to be adopted.

Quite unfortunate, especially when you can’t increase jet pressure. Not the best therefore.

While showering I also noticed that there was no storage slot for the toiletry sachets meaning a rather ungrateful stoop to pick them up while balanced on the edge of the bath. During my second shower jet pressure faded away to a trickle during the shower for no apparent reason which made everything rather pathetic.

The toilet roll provided was accessible and quilted which is always a positive, although no spare was supplied. Bathroom mirrors were of generous scale and took up much of the wall, space. This not only gave the illusion of greater space but was also highly practical. The bathroom door lock was also fully operational which was great.

Chilling in your room

Being promised 2 keycards for room access was very refreshing, following numerous issues with hotels that only provide 1 for twin rooms. I didn’t like the keycard power activation however, especially the flickering lightbulb present.

With 16 hangers between just 2 guests, the numbers could not have been more generous. They were also wooden which is the best material. With plenty of clothes hanging space including a large internal shelf and a rather extensive desk, the storage in the room seemed more than adequate. It was a slight shame this wasn’t the same close to the beds however, since only 1 had a bedside table.

The WIFI connected instantly without login information and was quick and reliable.
With 4 spread-out plug sockets, 3 of these being easily noticeable, this appeared slightly low, but was sufficient on this occasion.

The room had 2 brown coloured chairs which didn’t look the most enticing and were rather firm to sit on, confirming this. At least there were 2 of them.

Having 1 water glass and 2 wine glasses laid out neatly upon the desk this was a nice touch, encouraging relaxing in style inside the room.

2 cushions and a pillow rather than 1 pillow on the bed, did not seem like a good idea. The bed was certainly not made to my preference therefore. I feel every bed should be made with 1, and the rest stored to enable guests to customise themselves as they see fit.

Litterbin space in the room from the 2 litter bins, seemed very generous and was better than many of the places I have previously stayed. With the larger bin in the main section of the room this was also a preferable layout. The position of the large bin close to the kettle was also very practical for teabag disposal operations.

The main part of the room had one large mirror with a quote from Paul smith splattered across it. Whoever that may be … This for me detracted from not only the use of the mirror, but the look of it aswell. At least it had the word inspiration in it to help me get inspired to move on from that issue.

The TV was of amazing size and it was good to have Sky. I think this is probably the largest TV screen I have ever watched. The picture quality was also very good. No TV signal intermittency either. The good range of channels and sound quality were just technicolor flourishes on the very good, and fully functional, TV cake.



Between 60 and 70 pounds for this 4-star hotel seemed slightly dearer than some of the budget establishment I had stayed at recently. This was still cheaper than the Hogs back hotel and the hotel had over 12 meeting rooms making it attractive for business meetings during stays.

Customer service

On reception from check-in, staff were quick and professional getting me checked in after just a minor delay. The room service lady knocked and was polite before setting up the in-room mini bar. I would have preferred this completed before entering my room however.

Room servicing however was quite inconsistent for tea provisions and on reception staff seemed reluctant to provide more which was a shame. Checkout was quick however if slightly abrupt. Overall this customer service could have been improved.


Spacious room with inconsistency in service and guest experience. Decor and atmosphere felt a bit tacky.

Days inn Peterborough -Junction 17, A1 (Room 135) (7/10) ” Light and clean room with outside Desk/sink teeth-cleaning region oddities”.

Days inn Peterborough


“Size, space and lightness of room”.
” powerful clean shower”.
” Yorkshire tea and unbroken tea biscuits”.
” Full range of sweetening options”.
” Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere”.
” Some eating places nearby”.
” Excellent value”.


” Sink outside bathroom ???”.
” Location miles outside of town”.
” Tea provisions stowed in drawer with biased selection”.
” Stiff light switches”.
” Liquid soap… is it shampoo ??”.
” Slow WIFI”.


The reception area was quite relaxed in decoration, with a few sofas surrounding a table to sit at. The decor was quite chilled. In the upstairs the seated area with televisions, was a nice place to relax. The staff seemed friendly and polite exhibiting helpfulness. There was far more space than in the Leicester reception area. The corridors were far nicer in feel than the Leicester branch, and overall the atmosphere was more luxurious than there. Considering both are Days Inn’s, you’d perhaps not expect this level of variability.
In summary, a relaxed, spacious, and comfortable atmosphere.

Tea provisions

The tea provisions were hidden in a drawer which I didn’t even notice at first, despite it being labelled hospitality. The Days inn, Forest east, Leicester did not have this issue by displaying a tray with these, upon the desk. Once they were located however, they were rather good. The kettle capacity was strong at 1.7 litres, which was equal to the Leicester branch.

The Golden oat crumbles biscuits were very pleasant and not broken as was the case in Leicester. There were sharing issues however due to only a single pack being supplied on arrival. This was not the case in BW hallmark Manchester. The issue was resolved by the second day but this hinted of inconsistent servicing.

Unlike in Leicester, the room was actually made up for 2, rather than 3 guests, which was correct. External kettle measurement dials were simple to read unlike the internal dials exhibited in Double Tree by Hiltons.

The mugs were of adequate size, and 4 tubs of semi-skimmed milk was sufficient for 4 cups of tea. With 6 sachets of Yorkshire tea however, this seemed insufficient.
The sweetening facilities totalled 10, which was okay for 5 cups of standard tea with 2 sugars. This still didn’t match the tea sachet count however. At least they were Yorkshire …
The ratio was odd aswell, with 6 sweetener to 3 white and 1 brown sugar. This meant a rather inconsistent looking service, without much attention paid to this. That said, it was good to have the full spectra of sweetening options. There were 8 coffee sachets; some of which were decaf, showcasing a range of options. In my opinion this should have been equal to tea sachet number in total really though, to prevent bias.

In summary, uneven sweetening sachets were present with a slightly low tea provision count and inconsistent room service. Thumbs up for kettle capacity, tea biscuits and variety of sweetening options though.

Washing and cleaning

The bathroom was a little small and having the sink outside was rather strange. Sufficient towels were supplied; 6 of them equally split between the bathroom and outside Desk/sink teeth-cleaning region. A liquid soap tube was supplied in the shower, with another dispenser displayed by the outside sink. The liquid soap in the shower, gave no indication that this was suited for hair. Better labelling or product selection should be adjusted here.

The shower was powerful and modern in design and operation. I didn’t even need to adjust the temperature as it was already perfect.
There were 2 accessible loo rolls supplied which were a little thin. The bathroom doorlock worked well which was good.


Chilling in your room

The space and size of the room was very good. This highlighted a couple of issues though including TV size. 2 functional keycards were provided rather than the single bulky key of Leicester. It always helps to have 2 assigned, so a thumbs up for that. No sharing issues were encountered because of this 1 per guest system.

Only having 1 chair present in the room wasn’t especially practical between 2 guests, although it did have good comfort levels.

With only 2 available plugs behind the desk, once the kettle and TV had been factored in, the charging facilities did appear highly limited.

There were 6 wooden hangers split between both sides of a large wardrobe which was certainly a good number. The wardrobe was only enhanced with easy-to-slide doors, without the creaky ordeal experienced in BW hallmark Manchester.

The mirrors attached to this, and on the adjacent desk were very clean and definitely large enough for effective self-reflection. Possibly one of the best mirror arrays I have seen. Having a drawer labelled “hairdryer” was very useful at indicating it’s contents, and drawer storage space was also quite good. 4 reasonably sized drawers with 2 storage compartments beneath were provided.

Having a kettle in the hospitality drawer didn’t help with desk space though, since it was unusable here without any plugs nearby anyway. False economy there …

WIFI was quick and easy to connect to ,as in the Leicester branch, and again did not require any login information whatsoever. Fantastic ! It did struggle with rapid master chef downloads however.

4 plug sockets in total did seem a little limited for charging also.

TV was of very small size. Even before the large room size was considered, but had a reliable signal at least. Picture quality wasn’t great and the proportion to the room also made this issue even worse. The rooms’ large size was good. It did smell of damp on entry a little however, which is never good, despite a seemingly functional extractor fan. This issue hadn’t surfaced previously since the Roundhouse of Bournemouth.


At £41 pounds per night the room price for the atmosphere and space provided was very good. It was a world away from the Days inn Leicester making this nice value.
Hotel menu prices were not checked but the same assumption of reasonable value could be made, as was the case in Leicester. This was listed at £46 suggesting much better value for money here.

Customer service

Customer service was there when needed, yet not imposing throughout. The room was serviced when we were out at work and was left in a good state as a result, without guest disturbances. Staff seemed friendly and casual. No unnecessary login information was disseminated, yet I was given instructions on how to reach my room which were easy to interpret.



A rather spacious, oddly serviced room with inconsistent tea supplies, sinks outside the bathroom and tea provisions in a hospitality drawer. Rather quirky yet borderline odd.


Days Inn, Forest east, M1, Leicester, Room 20 – (6/10). “Cheap, good WIFI, no frills, no power-cuts, yay :)”.

Room 20- (6/10) -Days Inn, Forest East, Leicester. “Cheap with Good WIFI, No powercuts yay :)”.


“Steady TV signal”.
” Automatic WIFI login”.
” Tea biscuits provided”.
” Buff shower”.
” No powercut in contrast to the Bristol Days Inn”.


” Bathroom door lock not working”.
” Service station location on motorway”.
“Only one pack of broken Border biscuits supplied”.
” No light switches near beds”.
” No gym or spa”.
” Poor TV size and picture quality”.
” Odd bed and Tea setup for 2 guests”.


Atmosphere was dampened early on, with very dated plain decor and bland corridors. With a tacky and cheap looking reception area, the hotel did not scream uniqueness or quality. The lady on reception was helpful on checkin and it was nice to have only 1 signature and date required for room access.

The location of the hotel was miles out of town in a service station though, which was difficult to access. It wasn’t noisy however, since it was setback from the road providing a more favourable ambience than the early morning lorry shunt of BW hallmark Manchester, or motorway rumble in the Hogs back of Farnham, Surrey.

There were no extra touches of character as were attempted in Manchester and achieved in Cardiff at the Angel. Double Tree by Hilton Swindon had a gym which was lacking here along with a spa or steam room. This banished any impression of luxury.

The peace and quiet did not fully compensate for the distance to my work event either, although there was a nearby KFC and a seemingly rather social settee area at reception.

A spruce up of the decor and facilities with a different location would make things tantamount to more glamorous establishments.

Tea provisions

With 3 white and 4 brown sugars in addition to 4 sweetener sachets, sweetening condiments appeared sufficient for 4 well-sweetened cups of tea. Tea provisions were on par with the Double tree of Swindon with regard to sweetening therefore, and with a fairly unbiased sweetening sachet split, this seemed preferable to the proportions stowed in BW hallmark Manchester.

With 4 UHT semi-skimmed and 2 fresh semi-skimmed sachets, this was good to see as fresh milk has not been supplied (as far as I am aware), in any of the hotels I have stayed at recently. Albeit with it confined to a long life container, this did appear a little dubious.

3 caffeinated coffees and 5 decaffeinated coffee sachets suggested a preference towards coffee rather than Yorkshire tea. The 6 sachets of Yorkshire tea was a good number. Yorkshire is also a good brand. I prefer this to PG tips which is often present in the cheaper hotels.

Not all was perfect however due to lack of variety in selection, as was the case in Manchesters’ BW Hallmark.
The kettle capacity at 1.7 litres was solid in comparison to just 1.2 in the Holiday inn of Hemel Hempstead though. With a strong kettle location adjacent to a plug, this was practical for use without transit.

Tea provision storage in a tray resembling a dog bowl or animal drinking basin, was not overly glamorous however. The 3 mugs for 2 guests did seem a little clumsy considering the hotel should have known number of guests per room prior to checkin. One of these could easily have been removed. I did manage to make use of 2 however, due to my passion for excessive tea beverages.

Mugs of short yet stout shape also appeared quite clumsy, but were of practical size still.
The room was serviced on day 1 for 3 guests but refined before checkout with 2 mugs and less sweetener sachets. This shows they did consider guest number which was thoughtful.

Finally, the tea biscuits were just as I remembered from the Days inn Bristol which I stayed at earlier this year.

That little bite of nostalgia…

Whilst calorie content was not listed akin to Double tree by Hiltons cookies, they were rather pleasant for a quick burst of sugar. The variation in flavour was definitely a positive, with a chocolate or Oaty option alternated on room service.

Sharing is caring however, and with only 1 packet supplied for the room this did seem a little controversial as can often be the case. This is resolved in some hotels by providing an additional pack. BW Hallmark of Manchester was an example of this.

Washing and cleaning

There were plenty of towels and generously portioned shampoo. Far superior to the little potion pots of many upmarket establishments. Using a hotel own brand did appear a little tacky however.

The shower jet had good pressure, located in a bathroom which was clean and of agreeable size. No body lotion was supplied however which would have been nice. This shower was not an off-white dirty colour. It also didn’t let out a creak-or-shreak melody from a twist of the activation knob, as was the case in the Holiday inn express of Holiday street, Birmingham.

The toilet roll was thin and of poor quality. Quilted is far better. It was good to have 2 supplied for practicality however, just in case …
The bathroom door didn’t lock as was the case in the Bournemouth, Roundhouse suggesting this isn’t unique amongst hotels. Many do work well however such as the Hogs back, Farnham highlighting this as a problem.


Chilling in your room

It was easy to connect to the WIFI, which operated consistently at good speed. Far superior to the renew-everyday system of the Copthorne in Sheffield. There was just 20 minutes free in Premier Classe, Coventry which was more conference than premier league. It was far better than this hotel also …

The simple login was automatic, not requiring any information was also superior to most places I have previously stayed at. Overall very good WIFI.
There was a small TV however, which had poor picture clarity. It did have reliable signal however, unlike the Roundhouse, Bournemouth which suffered from intermittency during Ghost adventures …

Spooky or what …

The open wardrobe had 6 wooden hangers which wasn’t bad and was the same number as the Hogs back hotel, Farnham. Not quite the Beautiful South “Perfect 10” of the Roundhouse, Bournemouth however. Also wood was a better material I feel than the cheap metal present in the Birmingham Holiday inn express, Holiday street.

There were 2 Litter-bins with one of reasonable size in the main room compartment.

I liked this idea, since bathroom waste items tend to be more diminutive in stature than food packets and bottles which are generally consumed in the larger part of the room.
Keycard activation for lighting is never great, especially when accompanied by an unelegant bulky key. Either a lightweight keycard or a traditional key without power activation would both be better. I think a keycard without power activation would be perfect. This was a letdown therefore although I did retain access.

Only 1 was supplied to the room however, meaning problems if a roommate arrives later than his companion.

The desk was very narrow and charging facilities were highly limited in practicality with
location a significant distance from the beds.
Only 1 chair was present in the room, which compared to other places, was a bit of a letdown. The mattress was firm, yet supportive but didn’t cause any sleeping trouble. When I wanted to view the TV, the lack of bed backrests apparent however meant considerable impracticality.
The bed orientation facing each other, was a bit of an oddity. Almost like you are a reflection of your room mate the other side of a mirror. Waking up to the sight of your roommate in front, is not the best thing to impose on guests in a twin room.

The towels were placed in the bathroom and on just one of the 2 beds. This seemed a little one sided and unfair to the unfortunate guest who had to venture towards their proud roommates bed, or rely on those already in the bathroom. Only a very minor issue there…
The mirrors were good however, with a full bodyheight mirror in the room and one half height, by the desk.
Very little drawer storage space was present, with just 1 small drawer provided for 2 guests. One double bed and a single was not the ideal setup for a 2 guest twin but in light of the 3 guest mistake detailed earlier, I guess this is forgivable.


The price at little over £46 is cheap by any standards. Far less than Double tree by Hilton Swindon at around £82 or the Hogs back private hotel in Surrey at £71.
They did possess a fridge to serve ciders behind the reception desk, but I didn’t enquire about purchase. I would suspect they would also be reasonable.

Customer service

People on checkin were polite and informative, pointing out directions to my room. This was far easier to locate than in BW hallmark inn, Manchester and the staff were less abrupt. The room service was fairly consistent although the milk sachets were slightly different resulting in slight variation. Room cleanliness was well maintained however, and reception was quick to respond to a taxi call request, on checkout.

Own products could be consumed in the area near reception which was better than the awkwardness caused in Double tree by Hilton, Swindon when this was randomly banned throughout socialisation.


Out of town, good value hotel lacking any extra facilities or storage to hint of luxury. Practical, cheap with no real drama. Room setup and TV viewing was a little awkward removing a few brownie points.

Manchester BW Hallmark (Room 75) – “Weird room numbering, nice complementary drinks but abrupt staff”. ( 7/10)

Bw Hallmark hotel review (Room 75) – “Weird room numbering, nice complementary drinks but abrupt staff”. ( 7/10)


” Tea biscuits provided – 2 packs”.
“Plenty of shops near the hotel”.
” Quick and simple check-in”.
” Reliable TV signal”.
” Eco-conscious room reward system”.

“Only 1 key for the room”.
” Stiff wardrobe drawers”.
“Abrupt staff on reception”.
” Random room numbering system”.
” Useless toilet flushing power”.


On entry, the atmosphere seemed at first glance, a little pokey. There was a small staircase that turned tightly up to a rather small reception area. The lady on reception was professional and quick to check me in, yet didn’t provide any extra information which would have helped such as WIFI login information. No effective instructions to reach my room were provided hence the magical mystery tour. On subsequent chats she seemed fairly abrupt and not overly warm.

The signs didn’t help much with locating my room since it’s number was not specified on any of the labelled ranges. This meant there was no signage directing me to my room which left me aimlessly wandering around for a number of minutes with heavy belongings. I asked both cleaners who didn’t know either and one who directed me the wrong way.

This did not create a relaxed impression and could have been avoided at reception. At reception also, only 1 key could be allocated for my room. This resulted in the impracticalities of the Eastbourne Afton hotel. For example, when 2 guests arrive back at different times of the evening, if one is sleeping the other has to wake them up, which can spoil their guest experience.

The corridors did feel warmly decorated however, and on entry the room felt rather characterful in design and leaflet documentation. The bar area near reception was quite homely and a pleasant place to enjoy a drink. Especially if it was one of the complementary ones…

The selection for this included: A small bottle of beer, small bottle of soft drink such as Dandelion and Burdock, or a glass of the house wine.

Tea provisions

2 packs of tea biscuits were provided which eliminated the sharing issues encountered in the Hogs back hotel of Farnham, Surrey. They were pleasant in texture and flavour with a crunchy element preventing sickly sweetness. The calorie counted packs reduced guilt throughout consumption. This was an improvement on Double Tree by Hilton, Swindon which didn’t detail nutritional evilness from their rather large, and highly tasty, gooey cookie.
The snacks therefore were practical and convenient since many places do not provide any of these at all.

This can be a minor travesty…

Enough about the biscuits though, so how were the tea facilities ?

Well the kettle had the dial inside the vessel, resonating of Double tree. This isn’t my favourite system though. This is because during filling, I find it easier to observe the outside, rather than inside of the vessel.

The first minor issue was the limited 1 litre kettle capacity. Whilst the kettle was coloured in shiny silver and was not the smallest I had encountered, it was half the capacity of some other places. To me, an avid tea drinker, this was definitely a downside.

There were 4 sachets of breakfast tea which was average, although the level of selection could have been increased to include Chamomile or Earl grey for example.

As for sweetening, 5 white sugar sachets, 5 brown and 1 sweetener appeared sufficient for 4 well sweetened cups of tea which was good. The presence of only 1 sweetener did make this ratio a little biased towards sugar however, which I felt was unnecessary.

That said, it was nice to have the full spectra of sweetening options which not all places possess. It would have also been nice to see some decaffeinated tea since all the sachets were caffeinated. In contrast, it appeared a far more equal selection between decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee with a 2:2/50:50 split between decaffeinated instant or caffeinated instant.

Double tree by Hilton in Swindon provided a coffee making machine which seem more favourable to just sachets and a kettle. That said, this was perhaps an unnecessary luxury so I have no real criticism for BW Hallmark for lacking such a contraption.

Mug size was good. On par with the Angel of Wales and much better than many others. All in all, a fair quantity and selection of tea provisions.


Washing and cleaning

Cleaning sachets included one shampoo and one conditioner, branded Bathe, resembling that of the Angel hotel in Cardiff. These were not rigid in structure permitting effective dispensation.

With 2 half-height mirrors; One situated in the main area and the other inside the bathroom, this could have been improved with a slightly taller mirror on the wardrobe door. That said, these were all immaculately clean and were of adequate width.

The bathroom mat was textured for safety and so was the bath hull. I liked the attention to detail … The shower worked well with good jet pressure and dual control. Both temperature and pressure were easy to adjust. A temperature numbering system was provided.

5 towels were supplied which was plenty for 2 guests, however water leaked out into the room which wasn’t particularly pleasant. This was only an issue for the first occasion however, since I placed towels on the floor to soak up excess water for subsequent showers.

It was good to have 2 unsecured quilted toilet rolls rather than a meagre 1 sheet per time, dispensary system.

The toilet flushing mechanism was rather pathetic …

Chilling in your room

The room was larger than the Afton of Eastbourne and was of sufficient size. It had more character than many chain hotels such as Birminghams’ Holiday inn Express on Holiday street, and it was far easier to open the windows than in the Cardiff Angel. Whilst smaller than that hotel, this quality made up for it.

The beds were made to my preference;  Just one pillow on the bed …  Yet whilst backrests were coloured, they were not padded which would have been nice for indulgent TV viewing.

The WIFI was simple to connect to with just the requirement for name and email. It was a shame though, that every time you accessed it, you had to wait for the login request to complete.

This was slow enough to be noticeable …

The speed of WIFI connection when connected  however was great for program downloads.

The TV was of good size, and picture clarity was very clear. For the room dimensions this was ideal and I was very impressed. The TV remote worked effectively and simply.
Charging facilities were easily accessible and noticeable with 5 ,easy to spot, usable sockets. This was a good number and didn’t require the use of any additional extension accessories.

7 wooden hangers were split 4:3 between 2 compartments in the wardrobe. This was a good number which was close to perfection. 10 is perhaps the best I have experienced so far. Not far off… This solid number however, was slightly dampened by the stiff sliding doors required to be moved for access. I can’t deny that this was a bit of a noisy disappointment.

Whilst relaxing in my room, I noticed a “Love the environment” message which detailed a free drink if you go without room service for a night. This sounded greatly appealing and a very positive idea for guests and the natural environment. 2 tokens could be redeemed per night per twin room without room service, with the condition that you stay a specified number of nights. You also have to claim them at least 1 day after you specify that this is not required.

Having approached the bar on numerous occasion only to find it closed, I requested the opening times from reception. Generally this was a rather narrow window of time between 5 and 10pm.

It meant that due to my working hours I only had one opportunity to use my room tokens. It was also disappointing when I realised that cider was not included in the offer, which is generally one of the only alcohol-containing products I enjoy.

Whilst this was a slight letdown, I was pleasantly surprised when they provided me with a large, rather than small, glass of coke for the inconvenience caused. The taste of the house white wine was nicer than I expected which was a great relief.

The bar area was a quiet place to enjoy this with a TV there for viewing. The decoration was also very relaxing.

It was good that the room was supplied with a hairdryer. The number of drawers for clothes storage did seem a little sparse however, especially close to the beds.

The power being independent from a keycard activation system was positive, especially when entering the room in darkness after work. Fumbling for a light switch is never a great experience …

Customer service

While staff were professional on reception, they did not appear very warm or approachable which was a bit of a shame. The cleaners not knowing where all the rooms were when they had to regularly service them, appeared quite unprofessional. Since one staff member was new, I appreciate this can take some getting used to, but with proper training and tours this should have already been rectified prior to their appointment as permanent workers.


With the opportunity to claim a free drink by foregoing room service and with 2 packs of tea biscuits supplied, the value seemed good. The room service when used, was sufficient and fully restored room cleanliness and tea provisions. This enhanced the notion of good value.
After research, at around £50 per night, room price also seemed reasonable. Considering town was just about walkable, the location was not too bad due to close proximity to shops. This prevented the feeling of isolation.

It could have been nearer to the city centre though, since it took me about 1 hour to walk.


Magic mystery tour to a room with complementary drinks and a good shower. Shame about the helpfulness and politeness of some members of staff.

Afton hotel Eastbourne Room 309 (5.5/10) – “Cheap with no WIFI and feeble shower”.

Afton hotel (Room 309)

” 11 wooden hangers split for 2 guests”.
“Scenic seaside location literally on the seafront”.
” Great TV size and picture quality”.
” Good in-room charging facilities”.
“Toilet seat did not stay up”.
“Bathroom door had no lock”.
“Roomsize quite small”.
” Lack of selection in tea provisions”.
” No in-room WIFI !!”.


The hotel had a rather cosy and homely atmosphere which was a bit too compact. The surroundings were great with a location right on the coast. The pier was just a short walk away which was one of the main local attractions. The hotel was a little noisy due to a busy road nearby though and had rather narrow corridors. The single lift meant a rather long wait every time and the staircase smelt very strongly of cigarette smoke which was far from ideal. The staff did create a welcoming experience however with reliable room service.

Tea provisions

4 semi skimmed milk sachets were presented on a clean white tray very neatly. This neatness continued to the other tea provisions including 2 rather small mugs, 4 caffeinated coffee sachets, 4 Tetley tea bags, 4 brown sugar sachets and 11 white sugar sachets.

Whilst it was nice that all the sugar was fairtrade and that there were a sufficient number of sachets for 4 well sweetened cups of tea, the lack of sweetener option, absence of decaffeinated coffee, lack of tea selection such as no choice for earl grey or flavoured tea and the small mug size seemed to negate much of the positives including good presentation.

The kettle capacity appeared substantial however although this wasn’t labelled. It would have also been nice to have a full fat milk choice and perhaps a tea biscuit if I was being picky.

The location of the kettle directly next to 2 plugs and the bathroom for refilling was a certain positive so whilst far from perfect, some things had been considered.

Community areas

The downstairs bar area felt characterful and cosy suggesting this would be the overall hotel ambience. Whilst this was continued upstairs the corridors felt a little narrow and pokey and the room was not large and perhaps too compact for a comfortable stay.

Stairs smelt heavily of cigarette smoke and the lift was very slow. There was no extra spaces such as pool or gym that many larger hotels have. The bar could have benefitted from some ciders on draught but wasn’t excessively priced.

Washing and cleaning

The shower had dual control ; One knob for pressure and the other temperature which is my favourite system. The bathroom had a large soap and shampoo dispenser rather than sachets which initially appeared less fiddly. This however required several firm pumps to dispense. To make matters worse the shower pressure was very feeble and therefore it took a while to get clean. Shower temperature was also not quickly responsive making the experience less pleasurable. Neither of the shower jet options provided greater pressure unfortunately.

4 towels were split equally between the 2 beds providing sufficient drying equipment. One hairdryer was provided in the drawer which is always a must. This worked fine and was simple to operate.

The toilet seat unfortunately would not stay up on it’s own accord and the bathroom door had no functional lock which was a bit disappointing.
It was good to have a mirror in the bathroom and the extractor fan was important, due to compact size, for the prevention of damp.

Chilling in your room

The provision of a key rather than keycard whilst traditional was very refreshing considering the number of times these experience technical wearing out issues due to close proximity to other objects such as phones. I could rest assured that my stay would not be plagued by constant keycard replacement problems. This felt like a notable positive. It was a shame to only have 1 key per room however as it meant the risk of one resident getting locked out was very real.

The beds seemed highly comfortable although not made to my personal preference of just one pillow. The WIFI was quick and easy to connect to from reception as no login details were required whether that be password or email. It was a shame that due to a leaking issue no WIFI was available from my room for the entirety of my stay.

The bed backrests were not padded although they were accompanied by 9 medium sized drawers for clothes storage which was great.

This storage theme continued to be positive when approaching the wardrobe with 11 wooden hangers which were split almost equally to either side of the wardrobe. For 2 guests this was the best set up I had experienced in a while so was therefore very positive.

The TV worked well with good picture quality and reliable signal not suffering from any intermittency. The size provided a top quality viewing experience considering the small room size.

Everything is relative …

For charging, 4 plugs were easily noticeable from the bedroom which was a little low yet sufficient between 2 guests. It was nice to see that all of these were easily accessible and quick to locate.

With a half height mirror in the bathroom and a full height in the room, the mirrors seemed sufficient for the room size. The wide mirror viewable from the desk, was very clean and provided effective reflection for inspecting personal appearance.

Customer service

The lady on reception was very polite and quick to check me into my room. She provided clear instructions on how to get there and provided the wifi password without issue. It was a shame no wifi was available in the room throughout the entire stay. Staff on reception were happy to help with calling taxis to the work venue which was also very positive.

Whilst staff were apologetic for lack of in-room WIFI, I was advised this issue was only temporary yet this affected the whole duration of my stay making work arrangements difficult and darkening the mood a little.


At it’s price point of a 2 star budget hotel £40 is certainly very affordable for an overnight stay. For the basics supplied this did represent reasonable value. A few finer touches however would have made the stay great value at this price including better showers and wifi.

As previously mentioned, in comparison to other hotels the bar prices were not that high. When relatively close distance to London is considered they were much cheaper than the hogs back hotel of Surrey. £4 for a bottle of cider is therefore not terrible although with only a 2-star rating and lack of cider selection the alcohol to me wasn’t the most competitive on price-point.


A welcoming and professional service which only lacked in room wifi and a powerful positive showering experience. Great staff and atmosphere if a little tight on space.